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Silver ab Lliagh is a Druid whose sacred grove is the weed-choked vacant lot and whose animal affinity is with the junkyard dog.
Immortis is a 2000-year-old software engineer and a superhero in a game of Mutans & Masterminds that Tom was running a couple of years ago.  He started out as an attempt to rework my earlier character Alethe for a more modern setting, but he came out with a very different personality.

Professor Illuminarius is perhaps the most playable character I've ever came up with...shallow, conceited, power-hungry, and short, the ideal RPG character.  
Aetherius was my character in Chronicles of the Golden Spring, a year-long, multi-age quest of Beth's.  He's an alchemist who condenses dreams from the air, bottles them, and sells them.
Dunston World was a traditional D&D campaign run by our good friend Eric.  It only went for five sessions, but it was a helluva ride.  My character was a cleric who had lost his name along with his mind in a magical mishap many years ago.
Clover is a Green Ardua from the Talislanta game system.  He's a small, bird-like person with an affinity for plants and a rather bemused attitude towards his inadvertant quest.
An Ur is sort of like a cross between an Orc and an Ogre.  They're not very bright and they're universally vicious and bloodthirsty.  That's why it was so much fun to design one who was not only lawful good, but destined for sainthood.
Meg Muttonhead is not just my wife's character, she's her alter-ego.  She lived through the same adventures as Alethe, but her Travel Journals take a very different perspective.
Alethe was my first and is still my favorite character.  His adventures, chronicled in The Ferretiad of Alethe, are all here. 

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Dom Gieran Zarra was another character in Chronicles.  He was an arrogant and debonair swordsman, played to great effect by the inimitable Adam, whose write-ups are here appended.
Manumoto Mutashi is Adam's charcter in the same quest in which I am playing Silver.  These are his write-ups.

Arren'yel Ju'ein is my wife's character: An elf raised by dwarves, now a viampire and an avatar of a Goddess of love.