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Live Science
Discover Magazine
Bad Astronomy
Curious About Astronomy?
Xenophilia: True Strange Stuff
Strange Maps

Some specific sites of interest:

Singing Pi   Will continue singing for infinity.  This site works with IE but does not seem to work with Opera.

Top 10 Ways to Destroy the Earth   In case you were wondering.  From Live Science.
Standing an Egg on end on the Spring Equinox  Is it true that at the exact moment of the equinox you can stand an egg on its end?  From Bad Astronomy.

Snowflakes in 3-D  Cross your eyes, relax your vision until there are three images, then focus on the center image.

How do gravitons escape black holes to tell the universe about their gravity?   You might not lie awake at night wondering about this, but I actually do.  Here at last is an explanation.  From Curious About Astronomy?

Museum of Unnatural History
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