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This website has grown in size and complexity to the point where it seems time to make a blanket statement about copyright.

My words and my images on this website are copyright © Peter Bishop.  All material here is intended for personal use and may not be taken for any commercial use whatsoever.  Republication of my words and/or images on other non-commercial fan sites is permitted, but only with full attribution to me (Peter Bishop) and to this website ( 

Some text and images have been given to me by friends of mine for the expressed purpose of posting them on this website.  I have given full attribution for all of these and the copyright is retained by the author and/or artist.  Any republication of text and images on this website created by others is forbidden without their written permission.

Write-ups for role-playing games present a confusing copyright situation.  A player writes (and owns) the story of his or her own character, but player characters also appear as characters in one another’s stories.  Furthermore, players will interact with settings, situations, and non-player characters that have been created by professional writers, and the players themselves often will not know where all of the story elements came from.  Therefore, republication of game write-ups from this website is simply not permitted.

This website also displays content that has been borrowed from other websites.  This is a non-commercial fan website and I intend no copyright infringements.  I have done my best to give full attribution for borrowed material whenever possible and to provide “click-throughs” to the original sources.  It is my hope that the links and click-throughs on this website will bring more traffic to artists or writers whom my readers might not otherwise discover.  In most cases, borrowed images on this website appear smaller or with lower resolution than they do at the original location.  Copyright is retained by the original artist, writer, and/or publisher in all cases. If there are any problems—if you recognize any content of yours that is not properly credited or does not have your permission to appear here—please e-mail me at peterbishop AT fastmail DOT fm.  I will give credit where credit is due or remove the material at your request.

There is no profane or vulgar content on this site.  I do my best to steer clear of images and language that may be considered objectionable.  However, I am not responsible for any material found on outside websites or files that I have linked to. 

This copyright notice is based in part on the Disclaimer written by Justin Stebbins for his excellent website, The Saber-Scorpion’s Lair.

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